Growing Holiday Greenery

A_ Holiday Greenery

photo by for Monrovia

Article by Kate Karam | December 3, 2017  Monrovia website:  http://growing-greenery-for-holiday-decorating

“Golden Mop Threadleaf False Cypress: Ground hugging little conifer that loves full sun. The golden color adds a midas touch to wreaths and garlands. Zone: 4 – 8
Majestic Beauty® Japanese Black Pine: Fast growing conifer with super dark green foliage. Bunches of  needles look amazing in an evergreen runner. Zone: 5 – 9
Colorado Blue Spruce: Rigid tiered branches densely covered with stiff gray-blue needles. Good for wreaths, really good just in a vase. Zone: 2 – 8
Little Gem Dwarf Southern Magnolia: Smaller in scale than other Southern magnolias but with same fragrant blooms. Makes a seriously elegant garland. Zone: 7 – 9
Emerald Isle® Leyland Cypress: Tall and narrow, perfect tall screen. Soft texture makes for one of the best conifers for a mixed evergreen wreath. Zone: 5 – 9
Whipcord Western Red Cedar: Whimsical-yet-stately to plant in mass. Let branches spill over the sides of a vase of red roses for an unforgettable show. Zone: 5 – 7
Castle Spire® Blue Holly: Every garden needs a holly for  its year-round good looks. Wreaths, trimming packages, napkin rings. You get the idea! Zone: 5 – 7