Green Wreath Care

20171204_112315.jpgWatering a green wreath depends on where it’s displayed, if it’s outside in a cool climate then no watering is required, but if it’s outside in a warmer climate, or display indoors, then watering is required.

The wreath industry recommends upon receiving your green wreath, you place it in a couple of inches of water for at least an hour to give it an initial drink.  Then once it’s displayed, you spray the wreath with water every few days, and watch for dryness.

Outdoor:  Keep your wreath out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source.  If kept out of the sun, a wreath should last a month, often longer in cold climates.

 Indoor:   If you’re having a party and want your wreath on display for the party, it’s best to wait until the last minute to bring it inside, and then take it outside as soon as the party is over.  If, however, you are keeping your wreath indoors for the holiday, soak in water at least an hour, as stated about, spritz it frequently and watch for dryness. A green wreath left indoors only last 2 weeks and be aware that green wreaths kept indoors dry out quickly, and are a fire hazard!


Garland Day 2018

Ten members arrived early at the community center to create holiday garlands for the Ashland Community Center and Pioneer Hall.  There were many scheduling challenges this year, but against all odds these garden club members got tall the garland made and installed on time!


Growing Holiday Greenery

A_ Holiday Greenery

photo by for Monrovia

Article by Kate Karam | December 3, 2017  Monrovia website:  http://growing-greenery-for-holiday-decorating

“Golden Mop Threadleaf False Cypress: Ground hugging little conifer that loves full sun. The golden color adds a midas touch to wreaths and garlands. Zone: 4 – 8
Majestic Beauty® Japanese Black Pine: Fast growing conifer with super dark green foliage. Bunches of  needles look amazing in an evergreen runner. Zone: 5 – 9
Colorado Blue Spruce: Rigid tiered branches densely covered with stiff gray-blue needles. Good for wreaths, really good just in a vase. Zone: 2 – 8
Little Gem Dwarf Southern Magnolia: Smaller in scale than other Southern magnolias but with same fragrant blooms. Makes a seriously elegant garland. Zone: 7 – 9
Emerald Isle® Leyland Cypress: Tall and narrow, perfect tall screen. Soft texture makes for one of the best conifers for a mixed evergreen wreath. Zone: 5 – 9
Whipcord Western Red Cedar: Whimsical-yet-stately to plant in mass. Let branches spill over the sides of a vase of red roses for an unforgettable show. Zone: 5 – 7
Castle Spire® Blue Holly: Every garden needs a holly for  its year-round good looks. Wreaths, trimming packages, napkin rings. You get the idea! Zone: 5 – 7