Get Ready – Grow!

Seedlings in your Greenhousetwo true leaves

Start by:

  • Sanitizing your greenhouse shelves using 1 part bleach mixed with 9 parts water.
  • Clean trays and pots with this same bleach mixture.
  • Sweep floor and clean walls
  • Buy Seedling Mix – it’s not potting soil, it’s a soilless mixture for seed starting.
  • Assemble plant labels & permanent markers in your greenhouse.
  • Have your water source ready.

After you’ve sanitized  EVERYTHING!

Pre-moisten your seedling mix by pouring it into a bucket and adding water until it’s damp. Fill trays with pre-moistened seedling mix and water thoroughly.
Let trays sit a day in the greenhouse to warm up.

Start your seeds 8-12 weeks before the last frost date in your area.
In the Rouge Valley, Oregon the last frost is estimated to be May 15th.
Count backwards 8 or 12 weeks and plant seeds in your greenhouse.

Example: To plant by May 15th, then…

For 8 weeks: Plant seeds in the greenhouse by March 15th
For 12 weeks: Plant seeds in the greenhouse by February 15th

Be sure to read the seed packet instructions before planting.
These instructions tell you how deep to plant and long it takes for the seeds to germinate. And. it shows you what this seedling will look like when the seed sprouts.

By: Carlotta Lucas