Planting Veggies in July!

In Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, you can plant the following veggies in July and August for fall & winter harvesting:

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Brussels sprouts – all month through August
Chinese Cabbage – Until August 10th (later is better to help mitigate cabbage maggot damage)
Late (purple) broccoli-  To over-winter and harvest in March/April

Direct Seed:
Winter beets – after 7/15 through 8/15, plant in 1-2 week intervals
Late broccoli (purple) – Can be direct seeded, too.
Chinese Cabbage – all month to 8/15 (later is better to help mitigate cabbage maggot damage)
Kale – 7/15 through 9/20 for October and winter harvest
Turnips- August all month for late September-October harvest
Bush Beans –  For September – October harvest
Winter variety carrots – 7/15 – 7/31 – harvest in October and all winter ( not Nantes )
Cauliflower –  to 7/15
Mid-season Leaf Lettuce – all month
Parsnips– to 7/15 to dig after hard frost and all winter
Enation-resistant Peas – all month, mulch to keep plants roots cool
Rutabaga – all month, for September harvest
Scallions – to 7/15 to pull all winter.

Fall Broccoli – 7/15 -8/10
Late Cabbage– 7/15 – 8/31
Late Cauliflower – 7/15 to 7/21

Information from: Gardening Year ‘Round , Month by Month in the Rouge Valley, A guide to Family Food Production by the Jackson County Master Gardeners Association

Garden Professionals Defined

Summary from January, 2018 Speaker Program
Garden Professionals Defined

tree clipart“Oregon’s Landscape Contractor Licensing Law, ORS 671.510-760 requires anyone who wants to call themselves a landscape construction professional or a landscape contracting business and anyone who wants to perform landscape work to have a valid landscape construction professional license and/or landscape contracting business license. The law states, “no person shall use the title of a landscape construction professional, landscape gardener, landscape contracting business or landscaper, or any title, sign, card or other device indicating, or tending to indicate, advertise or represent in any manner that the person is a landscape construction professional or landscape contracting business unless the person has a valid license.”

A landscape construction professional cannot offer landscape contracting services unless the individual is an owner or in the employ of a licensed landscape contracting business. If the landscape construction professional is the sole proprietor, the landscape construction professional must also obtain a license as a landscape contracting business.” ~State of Oregon: Construction Contractors Board
Landscape Architect: A person who has a degree in the field of landscape architecture. Their expertise includes: site analysis, site inventory, land planning, planting design, and hardscape designs such as paths, walls, stairs, patios, pergolas ,etc.. They are schooled in slopes and grading, storm water management, sustainable design, and construction specification to ensure all plans meet current building codes, and local and federal ordinances. They can design and manage large municipal projects, commercial projects and small residential project. They are required to have and maintain a state Landscape Contraction Professional License for each state in which they practice, and they must complete continuing education to maintain their state license. They are also required to have a city license in all cities were they work.

Landscape Designer: A person who plans outdoor spaces, including gardens. Their backgrounds can be varied from apprenticeships to college programs. They can draw plans to scale, plan simple hardscapes, provide plant lists, select and work with contractors and oversee projects. They help clients clarify goals to personalize their project. In Oregon, a Landscape designer is required to have an Oregon State Landscape Contractor’s Professional License. Continuing education classes are required to maintain this license and a City license is required in all cities where they work.

Landscape Contractor: A professional who implements the plans of a landscape designer or architect. Landscape construction professionals must meet experience and/or education requirements and pass a competency exam to obtain a state Landscape Contacting License. They must complete continuing education classes to renew their license. They are also required to have a city license in all cities where they perform work.

Landscape Maintenance or Gardener: A worker who can install plants and maintains gardens and/or yards. Their expertise can range from unskilled labor to skill craftsman. This category of work is unregulated in Oregon and does not require a state license in the State of Oregon. However, always check with your city or county for local license or permit requirements.  In the Rogue Valley these workers are required to have a city license in all cities where they perform work.