Program: March

Public Meeting Topic:

March 4 2019

Growing Plants From Seeds

Speaker: Ronnie Budge, Master Gardener
Sowing seeds is economical and it allows exact selection of the types of plants you want to grow.  There’s a thrill when teeny plants emerge from the soil, and Ronnie will explain the “Tricks of the Trade” for successful seed starting.  Her program is a hands-on opportunity to make your own pony pack of plants to take home.

Meeting Schedule:

Ashland Community Center
59 Winburn Way (Located across from Lithia Park)


Meeting Schedule:
First Monday of the month, except September*.  No meetings in July & August.
Members-only meetings:
September: *2nd Monday of the month, after Labor Day
December:    Holiday Celebration
June:              Garden Tours


Members-only social time: 11:30am
Members-only business meeting: Noon
Speaker Lecture: 12:30-1:15pm.  Open to the public. 

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