Board of Directors

Executive Board
  • Executive Board members are nominated or volunteer;  then elected by the membership. Board terms are for two years.
Board of Directors
  • Board of Directors consists of the Executive Board plus Standing Committees’ Chairpersons.
Board Meetings
  • Location & Time: The Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. There are no Board meetings June, July, or December.
AGC Committees
  • Committees make the decisions based upon the task charged to the committee. Any member may volunteer to be on a committee. The length of commitment depends on the committee.
Standing Rules
  • Standing rules and Bylaws were developed from guidelines by the State & District Garden Clubs and AGC experiences since it’s organization in 1950.  Rules & Bylaws are listed in the membership yearbook. Changes & updates are made as needed.

All AGC members are welcome to attend & address the Board at board meetings. Please contact the AGC President to be added to the Agenda.

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