Board of Directors

Executive Board

Executive Board members volunteer, or are nominated, then elected by the membership. Board terms are for two years.

Executive Board 2017-2019

President: Michael Dawkins
1st Vice President: Joanie Kintscher
2nd Vice Presidents: Myrl Bishop & Marilyn Bolstad
Treasurer: Barbara Bauer
Secretary: Donna Rhee
Director of Information & Communications: Carlotta Lucas
Parliamentarian: Donna Rhee

Board of Directors

  • Board of Directors consists of the Executive Board, plus Committee Chairpersons.

AGC Committees

Committees make decisions for the tasks given to the committee. The length of commitment depends on the committee. Any AGC member may volunteer to be on a committee.

2017-2019 Committee Chairs
Chamber of Commerce Rep.& Siskiyou Signal Contributor: Jeanne Arago
Feast of Will Coordinator: Jeanne Arago
Garden Clippings Newsletter: Carlotta Lucas
Garden of the Month Award: Ruth Sloan
Membership: Marydee Bombick
N. Mountain Park Heirloom Garden: Viki Ashford
Plant Sale Fundraiser: Melody Jones
Publicity: Viki Ashford & Amy Lepon
Scholarships & Grants: Amy Lepon
Yearbook Editor: Kathy Apple

Board Meetings

  • Location & Time: The Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, except:  June, July, or December.  AGC members are welcome to attend & address the Board.  To do so, please contact the AGC President to be added to the Agenda.

Standing Rules

  • Standing rules and Bylaws were developed from guidelines by the State & District Garden Clubs, as well as AGC’s experiences since its organization in 1950.  Rules & Bylaws are listed in the membership yearbook. Changes & updates are made as needed.

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