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Ashland Garden Club
148 N. Wightman St
Ashland, OR 97520

Ashland Garden Club Membership Form

Website Committee

Editor in Chief: Carlotta Lucas
Co-Editor: Donna Rhee
Web Administrator: Steve Weyer & Carlotta Lucas

AGC Board of Directors  –  July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017

Executive Board:
President: Donna Rhee
1st Co-Vice Presidents (Refreshments): Joanie Kintscher & Jan Limb
2nd Co-Vice Presidents (Programs): Michael Dawkins & Sally Jones
Secretary: Louise Shawkat
Treasurer: Barbara Bauer

*Committee Chairs

AGC Annual Directory: Kathy Apple
Book Group: Joanie Kintscher
Chamber of Commerce Rep: Jeanne Arago
Garden Clippings Newsletter: Kaaren Anderson
Garden of the Month: Ruth Sloan
Heirloom Garden Facilitator: Viki Ashford
Membership: Marydee Bombick
Parliamentarian: Susan Zane
Penny Pines: Barbara Bauer
Plant Sale Fundraiser: Melody Jones
Publicity: Viki Ashford & Amy Lepon
Scholarship: Amy Lepon
Siskiyou Signal: Jeanne Arago

* Committee Chairs are representatives to the  Executive Board

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I have just moved to Talent and wonder when is the best time in this area to prune roses. I have a number of bushes that appear to have been on the property for some time.

    Thank you for your advice!

  2. Sent with 100% recycled electrons

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Alex
    Date: March 5, 2016 at 9:10:26 AM PST
    Subject: When do you predict the Rhododendrons will bloom in Lithia park?

    Hi Carlotta.

    Have a friend from down south we’re scheduling a visit for.

    All things being equal would love to get her up when the roadies are at least starting to bloom.

    What does your crystal ball say about the approximate time they might start blooming, earliest? Latest? when they might peak , etc.?

    I know you can’t be sure, but i bet yiu nave a better read than I do.


    Sent with 100% recycled electrons

  3. Hi I would appreciate some help with following:
    1-How do I get rid of ear wigs ? They are devestatimg me petunias. I’m pretty sure it is not snails, by the way the have made big holes in each flower. I have put diatom is earth, crushed fossil at the base but it has both eloped. I think they came with one of the batches of potting mis that I bought?
    I bought a great big pet is pot that was fully round and beautiful. Within in days the top ushering flat. I am watering, feeding, and removing the dead heads. It is in full sun. (May be too hot in p.m.?? Hoe do I make it full and standing up nice and round like the ones downtown?

    And my last question is about either gophers or moles. I don’t know which? or what to do about them? Some of my newly planted celosias,petunias,zinnias, just topple over. So I dug one up to investigate and there were these big holes under them where my fist could go in up to my elbow.??!! Ah so much work this year and things are a disaster?!!! It’s so sad to have wasted so much time and money and have a pitiful garden. By the way , would you post the date and time of each meeting a few days before it happens on your Facebook page? It will be a good reminder. Thanks so much.

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