Green Wreath Care

20171204_112315.jpgWatering a green wreath depends on where it’s displayed, if it’s outside in a cool climate then no watering is required, but if it’s outside in a warmer climate, or display indoors, then watering is required.

The wreath industry recommends upon receiving your green wreath, you place it in a couple of inches of water for at least an hour to give it an initial drink.  Then once it’s displayed, you spray the wreath with water every few days, and watch for dryness.

Outdoor:  Keep your wreath out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source.  If kept out of the sun, a wreath should last a month, often longer in cold climates.

 Indoor:   If you’re having a party and want your wreath on display for the party, it’s best to wait until the last minute to bring it inside, and then take it outside as soon as the party is over.  If, however, you are keeping your wreath indoors for the holiday, soak in water at least an hour, as stated about, spritz it frequently and watch for dryness. A green wreath left indoors only last 2 weeks and be aware that green wreaths kept indoors dry out quickly, and are a fire hazard!

Holiday Party: 2016

December 5th members gathered to celebrate the holidays. The Club’s annual hand-made wreaths & holiday decorations fundraiser was a great success!

Member’s  were entertained by actor William ” Bill” Ritch, who brought naturist, environmental philosopher & preservationist John Muir’s Yosemite Valley adventures alive on stage with his play,  “Adventures of John Muir in the Wilderness”.