About AGC

Monthly Meetings:

For schedule & location see Meetings page

Membership Dues: Individual: $20/Year, Household: $30/Year

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History and Purpose:
The Ashland Garden Club (AGC) was created on August 14, 1950 with twenty-five members. From the beginning, AGC organized under the National Garden Clubs, Inc., Pacific Region, and the Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs in the Siskiyou District. AGC strives to uphold its Club Theme,  Aims, and Pledge through a multitude of community projects and activities.

Club Theme: Ashland’s Beauty: Our Civic Duty

Club Aims: To keep our flowers growing in beauty, our friendships growing in understanding and our service to the community growing in scope and fruitfulness.

Club Pledge: I will sustain the Club in its objects and work, guard its reputation as long as I am a member, and faithfully perform all the work assigned to me to the best of my ability.

Club Shrub: The Daphne

For More Information: see

Ashland Garden Club
Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization
Federal ID: 93-1187598

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