Hugelkultur: the ultimate raised garden beds!

A permaculture practice called Hugelkultur, ( which is German for “mound culture,”) is a “no dig” raised garden bed method that is said to hold moisture, build fertility, and maximizes surface volume.  Hugelkultur is a good idea and can preform as boasted, but be smart about what you bury.  Do not bury plants that are invasive, unwanted, or toxic. Some  plants sprout quickly, then take over like branches from willows, privets, cottonwood, and bamboo. Others can be toxic, like Black Walnut which has juglone, a growth inhibitor that many plants can’t not tolerate.  There are many aggressive and toxic plants to be aware of,  so make sure you research the biomass you’re using before burying it.  And remember, leave diseased logs and branches out of your beds!