Horticulture Report:Tiarella cordifolia

Plant Name: Tiarella cordifoliatiarella-cordifolia_-foamflower
Common Name:  Foamflower
Plant type: Herbaceous perennial
Height: 1 foot
Spread: 1-2 feet
Bloom Time: May
Flower Color: White or Pink
Exposure: Part Shade to Full shade
Soil Requirements: Rich well-drained soil
Water Needs: Medium, keep moist
Attributes: Showy Flowers, Bronze Fall Foliage, Semi-glossy Heart-shaped Leavesfoam_flower_tiarella_cordifolia, Deer Tolerant
Note: Spreads rapidly by runners
Uses: Naturalizing, mass planting for ground cover, woodland garden,   
Native to: USA: Southeast to the Midwest & Canada: Nova Scotia
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4-9


Local source: Forestfarms – Williams Oregon https://www.forestfarm.com/


3 thoughts on “Horticulture Report:Tiarella cordifolia

  1. This looks perfect for my front mostly shade garden, but neither Ashland Greenhouses, Valley View Nursery, nor Shooting Star carry it, and didn’t even know what it is.

    Do you know of a local source for it?

    Thank you,



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