Horticulture Report: Arbutus unedo ‘compacta’

arbutus-unedo-compactaPlant Name: Arbutus unedo ‘compacta’
Common Name:  Dwarf Strawberry Tree
Plant type: Evergreen Shrub
Height: 6-8 ft

Spread/Width: 5-6 ft
Bloom Time: Repeating Fall to late winter

Flower Color: White, bell-shaped
Exposure:  Part to Full sun

Soil Requirements: Lean, well-drained soil
Water Needs: Low – Drought tolerant once established
Attributes: Masses of white flowers, Dark glossy green foliage, Cinnamon-colored bark, Edible strawberry-like fruit, , Dwarf plant, Bird friendly

Note: Low maintenance
Firewise plantings, Waterwise plantings, Privacy Screen, Specimen focal point, Wildlife gardens, Year-round interest, Informal hedge,  Butterfly gardens, Attracts Hummingbirds, Winter interest
Native to: Southern Europe and Ireland
USDA Hardiness Zone: 7-9


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