Horticulture Report: Kinnikinnick

Plant Name:  Arctostaphylos uva-ursi100_7668F.JPG
Common Name: Kinnikinnick, Red Bearberry
Plant type: Ground cover
Height:   6-12 Inches
Spread: Trailing to 15 Feet
Bloom Time: May -June
Flower Color: White tinged with Pink,  Urn-shaped and Waxy
Exposure:  Sun to Part Shade
Soil Requirements: Rocky or Sandy, Acid Soil.  Soil should not be compacted around the plants and plants should not be fertilized.
Water Needs: Low
Attributes: Firewise Pant, Evergreen, Drought-Tolerant , Cold and Heat tolerant, Fall Color,  Mat-Forming Low Shrub,  Pollen is beneficial to Native Bees, Hummingbirds & Butterflies.  Red Fall Berries are favored by birds and wildlife.
Native Habitat: Rocky, open woods; dry, sandy hills; mountainous regions
Uses: Ground Cover, Rock Gardens, Erosion Control, Footpath control.
USDA Zone:  2-6