Garden of the Month: July 2016

160 Scenic Drive

On a hot July day, what could be as cooling as the sight and sound of running water in the garden?  The garden of Cheryl Briggs’ home at 160 Scenic Drive is the Ashland Garden Club’s July 2016 Garden of the Month, and it has water features in two places among a small forest of shady trees.  Previous owners installed the recirculating waterfalls, stream, and ponds on a steep lot.

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Briggs has owned the home for five years, and she added the steps, walkways, and driveway with design help from Jeanine Strum of The Seasons Color.  Briggs has weekly maintenance help from Carol’s Colors.  A major project in the recent past removed ivy from the slope leading from the street.  There is a stunning view of the valley and hills to the East, from a deck that has huge pots with masterful combinations of small plants.

Rhododendrons and azaleas abound in the shady areas.  Also featured are Japanese maples and camellias.  The major trees are Douglas fir and cedar.  A photinia hedge lines the street.  Elsewhere in the garden are a Cecile Bruner and Lady Banks roses, dogwood, wisteria, magnolia, and madrone.