Garden of the Month: April 2016

364 Hargadine Street, Ashland Oregon


Vicky Huxtable, Fred Epstein, and their dog Mabel are enjoying the new gardens at their home at 364 Hargadine Street. Nearly completed only recently, the design and installation was by Solid Ground Landscape. Mabel figures prominently in the story of the landscape here: The path that ramps diagonally up from the street to the house as an alternate to the stairs, while an excellent idea for many gardening and design reasons, was Vicky’s idea to IMG_0411ease the old dog’s route. Mabel’s sister-dog was Molly who died suddenly just before the front yard was planted, and one bush that is featured there is a Miss Molly summer lilac. Both Vicky and Fred contributed creative ideas for the new hardscape. Fencing blends seamlessly with the charming 1902 cottage, which Huxtable and Epstein have owned for about nine years.

Outside the fences are mIMG_0417any deer-resistant plants such as hellebore, Japanese peonies, yarrow, pieris, euphorbia, sage, honeysuckle, sea holly, agastache, amsonia, artemisia, and rosemary. Inside the fences crepe myrtle, fern, azalea, camellia, hydrangea, candytuft, and many other plants bloom. There is a stunning Oklahoma coral-bark Japanese maple placed for dramatic effect and a paperbark maple equally well situated. Three redbuds highlight the meandering path through the side yard. Throughout the yard, many plants are drought tolerant and there is no thirsty grass anywhere.


Despite the small yard and steep terrain, there are several places to sit and enjoy the views. Narrow yews have been placed strategically to block less desirable views—while not taking up much precious ground—and replace other hedges that were suddenly being eaten by deer.

Mabel and her caretakers have a lovely garden in which to take their ease.