Paper Cup Seedling Pots

Note: Use only unwaxed paper cups for your seedling pots, so they will decompose when planted in the garden later.

Start your seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date in your location.

To get Started:

Buy seedling mix, or make your own [it’s cheaper] – See DIY: Seedling Mix Formula, on this Blog. Seedling mix is a soil-less mixture specifically made for sprouting seeds.
20160318_155511_resized_1Poke three to four holes in the bottom of each paper cup.

Fill each paper cup with seed-starting mix, leaving 1/2 inch of space below the top.

Plant two seeds in of each cup. Check seed packet for seed planting depth; each variety is different. Cover seeds with seedling mix.


Sit cups in trays, or boxes, water, then cover trays loosely with sheets of plastic wrap.

This helps keep moist and prevents mix from drying out.

Place in a warm location, after two days, start checking cups daily, water if

Remove the plastic wrap when most of the seeds have sprouted.

Place trays in a warm sunny indoor location. If placed next to a window turn trays regularly for equal sun exposure.

Water on a regular basis, but don’t over water.

two true leavesWhen plants have grown two true leaves, thin by snipping off the weaker plant in each cup.

After the last frost date in your area,  “harden off” your plants before planting

To Harden Off Plants:  Sit plants outside in a protected area for four hours, then bring them back inside. Increase “outdoor time “ by two hours each day. After a week of hardening off, you can plant the starts in your garden.



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  1. Thanks Christy for letting me know about the bad link. I think it’s fixed now, but just in case here’s the formula…
    Seedling Mix
    4 parts screened compost
    1 part perlite
    1 part vermiculite
    2 parts coir (coconut fiber)
    Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been busy gardening. ~Carlotta

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