Garden of the Month: August 2015

The garden at 973 C Street, owned by John Price and Erin Keller, was a blank site following the home’s construction in 2009.  The next year, retaining walls and fences were built, with plantings beginning shortly thereafter – all designed and built by the owners.

Passing through a beautiful front gate leading into the garden, past dahlias and zinnias, one can see vine covered arbors. These add interest and dimension to an ordinary lot. Two of the arbors are covered in two species of Kiwi. In addition to peach, pear, plum, fig, and apple trees, the garden also features Rudbeckia laciniata, hazelnut, honeysuckle, and Cornelian Cherry.

Succulents and drought tolerant plants grow as a green roof on the back shed at the end of the driveway. As the owners stated, “The green roofed woodshed just seemed like a fun thing to do. Actually most of it was fun!”

A blueberry hedge growing along the east fence was successfully planted over a buried wood swale. This has proven beneficial in helping the soil retain much needed moisture. In fact, permaculture principals dominated much of the design, with beauty, food production, and privacy playing a key role. I think you’ll agree John and Erin have succeeded and have provided the community with a lovely example of what can be done with a simple, empty space.