Fall 2014 Plastic Round-up

Fri. & Sat., October 2425, 9:00-4:00
Jackson County Expo, Gate 1-1/2

Nursery pots, bubble wrap, baling twine, snack food bags, discs, irrigation components, lawn chairs and toys are among the long list of plastics accepted for recycling at the Jackson County Plastic Round-up. Gather plastic from your home, garden, garage and business to keep it out of the landfill, and have it recycled into new materials.

Only clean, presorted plastic will be accepted. Pre-sort plastic into 3 categories: soft plastic, hard plastic and nursery plastic. There will be a residential fee of $5.00 per household; the fee for large loads and businesses is $5.00 per yard.

Note that we can no longer accept video cassettes, tapes or 8-tracks.


One thought on “Fall 2014 Plastic Round-up

  1. Is there an Ashland drop-off for plastic this year? Last year, it was at Walker School. I don’t have a car to transport plastics to the Expo, but I’ve been saving plastic for a year now and I want to drop it off somewhere.

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