Heat Stressed Garden!

Where are my veggies?

Tomatoes, Peppers & Eggplant:

When temperatures rise above 86 degrees Fahrenheit (F) for an extended period of time, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant plants stop flowering and stop fruiting. If humidity is also high, this can cause pollen to become sticky, which stops its ability to disperse and pollinate.

Cherry tomatoes and Oregon State University bred parthenocarpic tomatoes, will both set fruit over a wider temperature range. OSU bred varieties include Gold Nugget, Oregon Spring, Oregon Star, Siletz and Legend.

Beans & Peas:

When temps are 95 degrees F, beans and peas will drop their flowers!  So if your green beans are lush but are dropping blossoms then they are heat stressed and/or water stressed.   If your plants are lush, but aren’t producing very many blossoms, then you’ve given them too much nitrogen.


Corn tassels are killed when temps rise to 100 degrees, so no pollination can happen at all!


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When buying seeds for next year’s garden, check on the plants heat tolerance.

Submitted by:Carlotta Lucas