Ashland Pond Project – Helman School

                   Thank you Ashland Garden Club
“Thank you so much for your generous donation to Helman School!!!”

WP_20140422_006“We have been using the binoculars down at the Pond.  They are highly effective and very user friendly.  Attached are some pictures of students using the binoculars to view birds in the bird houses that kindergarteners and 5th graders constructed together.  The bird houses were donated by the Siskiyou District Garden Club.WP_20140422_008

When classes went down to the Ashland Pond for our spring field trips the students were thrilled to see their bird houses hung on native trees.

The trWP_20140422_007ees are still waiting for the tree plaques, as we are constructing the wooden mounts.  We look forward to mounting those in the fall.

Thank you again for helping us grow our Pond Project.  We feel extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful community that supports the experiential learning that occurs in an outdoor classroom.”   Tia McLean WP_20140422_005