2013 Fire Season – It’s Over!!

Thanks to our recent rain, Tuesday September 17th was the last day of the 2013 fire season. We made it through one of the hottest, driest and smokiest summers on record! The heavy smoke we experienced this summer from wildfires to our north is a timely reminder that we live in a region impacted by wildfire. Since beginning the Firewise Communities program in Ashland 3 years ago, not one home in Ashland has been lost to wildfire. This result is no accident. It is the result of many people and groups working together to make Firewise choices.
Thank you for  all of your efforts in being prepared for wildfire: creating defensible space around your homes, following the recommended Firewise landscaping guidelines and observing equipment use restrictions. These are all meaningful and effective ways to keep your home and community safe from wildfire.

As we enter the fall and winter months, please remember to tackle those Firewise projects you didn’t get to this year, utilize fire resistant landscaping plants and building materials whenever possible, and continue to talk to your neighbors about creating and maintaining a Firewise Community. Fire season will be back for sure next year, and you can find out what you need to do to stay prepared at www.ashlandfirewise.org

Thank you for all you did this year to keep our  community safe and prepared for wildfire.
Have a safe and happy autumn,

Ali True/Firewise Communities Coordinator
Ashland Fire & Rescue
541-552-2231 www.ashlandfirewise.org