Garden of the Month: June 2012

1390 Romeo St.:  AGC members can preview this AAUW tour garden on Friday, June 8, between 9 and 11 am at 1390 Romeo St. in the Millpond area.    (The AAUW tour is June 10 2012)

Tammy Van Eycke and Kevin Casey, relocating from Albuquerque, moved into the new home on a double lot in the summer of 2005.  They were especially attracted by the year-round Roca Creek that runs through the property and a large willow tree on its bank.
  In collaboration with Kathryn Casternovia of Elemental Design, Tammy (with some help from Kevin) has developed a half-acre miniature paradise, replete with pond and mini-waterfall (the goldfish have reproduced from 5 to 30), fruit trees, herb, vegetable, and flower gardens, roses and many other ornamentals, a grape and current arbor, kiwi arbor, hops, several types of raspberries, a strawberry-blueberry patch, and a goumi sweet scarlet berry bush.  Their two daughters, 6 and 10, enjoy pretend fishing in the pond and bouncing on a huge trampoline by the creek.
Tammy and Kevin hired Lomakatsi to restore the creek banks.  The creek now meanders prettily through the garden and into a neighborhood open space.  Carlos Sanchez helps with garden maintenance.

The property is protected by an 8-foot deer fence and lovingly created bamboo gates, but the deer still find a way in.  Everything is started in the greenhouse, and by the time of the tour, two beehives should sit near the creek.  Paving is made of reclaimed wood rounds.
When the empty lot across the street became available, Tammy and Kevin bought it with the intention of continuing its use as a community garden.  It is irrigated with well water and neighbors are welcome to use the garden as they please.  Currently it includes fruit trees, herb and vegetable gardens, and flowers.  Tammy has hired Jessie Jones to oversee the process;  massive soil amendment with horse and llama manure, compost, and straw is underway.  Tammy hopes the garden will also serve as an educational center for children and a neighborhood gathering place.
Kevin is co-owner of the Ayurvedic herbal products company, Banyan Botanicals, and Tammy is a massage therapist.
by Julia Sommer