Garden of the Month: April 2012

826 Holly Street-
It’s daffodil time! If you are eager for a touch of spring stop by 826 Holly Street (on the corner of Liberty) and you’ll find the home and garden of Carol Walker. If you’re lucky enough to catch the sun shining, the view will be all the more golden, but just a hint of what’s to come as more buds unfold. (The pictures don’t do it justice.)

Beginning in 1994, when Carol purchased the home, there were few daffodils to be seen, only lawn and the occasional grazing deer – regretfully, now more often than occasionally. Looking for drought and deer resistant plants, Carol began with 250 daffodil bulbs ordered from White Flower Farm in Connecticut. The lawn was removed, the daffodils planted and the front yard saw the first of many improvements.

Today the yard is filled with daffodils – many different varieties to assure blooms from February into May. In addition, Carol’s front yard is planted with other deer resistant plants – lavender, rosemary (seen cascading over a small retaining wall) crocus, grape hyacinth and sage. Interspersed among these are Japanese maples, kwanzan cherry, blue spruce and a giant douglas fir ringed in Oregon grape. Pathways meander throughout inviting a closer look.

Carol, originally from Sussex England, inherited her love of gardening from her father. “Their” touch can be seen throughout, including Carol’s “Garden Art” – bits and pieces found here and there, adding charm and interest everywhere one looks.

In the back and side yards, protected from the deer by a high, elegant fence, can be found even more to make a true gardener smile – poppies, tulips, cowslip (most waiting to bloom) surround an antique bird bath, a beautifully shaped aspen and more cherry trees. The highlight – as soon as our spring warms up – is an amazing wisteria covered arbor. Carol has done nearly all of the work herself, adding more daffodils each year from local sources. No chemical sprays are ever used and water is conserved as much as possible.

You may view the front yard at any time. In addition, Carol has agreed to show her side and back gardens to AGC members on Saturday, April 14th from 11:00 to 2:00. Seeing all of this loveliness will be a great reminder that warmer, more colorful garden days are just around the corner.

by Kaaren Anderson