Wildfire: Reducing Risk

Before summer, homeowners should remove fire hazards and reduce fuel from around their homes. The City of Ashland Oregon is currently helping homeowners with this task by offering grants to city residents to modify and/or remove fire-hazard vegetation near their homes. To participate, residents must first obtain a Wildfire Safety Home Assessment, this assessment includes site-specific recommendations for creating a defensible space around a structure. Read more here: Ashland- Oregon Wildfire News

Planting fire resistant plants around your house may reduce your fire risk during a wildfire, so the OSU Extension Service has provided a list of fire resistant plants for Oregon homeowners. Read OSU’s plant list here: Fire Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes

Below are a few of the plants you will find on their list:


Stachys byzantina
Lamb’s Ear

Philadelphus coronarius
Mock Orange

Pachistima myositis
Oregon Boxwood