FEBRUARY AND MARCH Planting: from Crockett’s Victory Garden

You can start your seeds of: BROCCOLI, CABBAGE AND CAULIFLOWER
Sow seeds in potting soil; 18 seeds will give you plenty!
Set trays, or 4″ pots, in the bright warmth of your greenhouse or hotbed.
When seedlings are 1″, transfer to individual pots.
Towards the END of the March, move them into a cold frame or protected area to harden off where they will grow more slowly. They will be ready for the open garden in APRIL.As soon as your ground can be worked, plant peas and radishes directly into the garden.Beets are one of the few root vegetables that can be successfully transplanted, so plant them in your greenhouses now. They can be transplanted into the garden in APRIL.

Impatiens, Lobelia, Petunias, Scarlet Sage, Verbena, Fibrous-rooted Begonia, Ice Plant, need 7-9 weeks from seeding indoors to planting in the garden.

Group 2:
Ageratum, Sweet Alyssum, Globe Amaranth, China Asters, Bells of Ireland, Blue Lace Flower, Cosmos (yellow and orange type), Dusty Miller, Lupine, Flowering Tobacco, China Pink, Portulaca, annual Phlox, Snapdragon, Stocks and Strawflowern, require a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks indoors before to planting in the garden.

Group 3:
Sweet Alyssum, Globe Amaranth, Balloon Vine, Calendula, Celosia, annual Chrysanthemum, Clarkia, Cornflowers, Cosmos, Chinese Forget-me-not, Godetia, Marigold, Pincushion Flowers, Zinnia and Sunflowers, need 4-6 weeks from starting indoors to planting in the garden.

I’m sure there’s more…..
Happy Planting
Melody Jones