During the winter months when our local Grower’s Market is not available, it’s fun to grow your own sprouts.There are other ways to do it, in glass jars, for instance, but here’s mine.First, I buy sunflower seeds (other types of seeds are also available) in the bulk food section at local grocery stores like Shop ‘n Kart or Ashland Food Coop.Then I use an ordinary planting tray without drainage.

  1. Put about a couple of inches of planting mix in the tray.
  2. Sprinkle seeds sparingly over the mix.
  3. Cover seeds with about another inch of planting mix.
  4. Place tray on a small table near a window and preferably near a furnace heating vent.The sprouts will think it’s summer.
  5. Water lightly with a watering can as needed.
  6. Turn the tray as needed when sprouts lean toward the light.
  7. Harvest with kitchen shears when sprouts are the height you like.Mine take about twelve days.
  8. Store sprouts in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, then use in salads, sandwiches, or whatever appeals to you.Delicious!
  9. Compost tray remains, and start over for a constant supply of nutritious sprouts.

Enjoy, Marjorie Hoeft


A few suggested uses:

Raw snack
In salads
Inside tortilla or tacos
A powerful green juice
Sprinkle on soups, or pizza, before serving, as a topping
In sandwiches

…Carlotta Lucas