How to Make Leaf Mold

Leaf mold is a connoisseur’s choice for soil conditioning. Its attributes significantly improve the quality of your soil by:

  • Retaining moisture in the soil ( it holds 50% of its own weight in water)
  • Improving soil structure by making rich humus soil
  • Reducing evaporation
  • Cooling roots and foliage during hot weather
  • Increasing beneficial soil life, such as earthworms and beneficial bacteria
  • Absorbing rainwater, reducing runoff

It’s simple to make, easy to use, effective…..and it’s free!

You can incorporate leaf mold directly into your garden soil or use it as mulch around your plants. You can mix it with potting soil for use in your container gardens.

So, if you have a tree, or several trees, on your property then you have what you need to make great garden soil.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Leaf Mold : http://making-mulch-from-leaves

Do not use the following leaves for making leaf mold :

Walnut, plant growth inhibitor

Eucalyptus,plant growth inhibitor

Oak, takes longer to break down

Camphor laurel, plant growth inhibitor

Carlotta Lucas
AGC Blog Editor