RE-THINK – An Information Source for Reducing/Reusing/Recycling and Beyond

As we welcome in the New Year, some of us are also resolving to organize and clean out items that we no longer use or need. To find the Jackson County Recycling Directory go to  You’ll find a list of over 50 various local recycling outlets that go beyond curbside collection service.  You can drop off unwanted items from clothing to computers and will give other folks the opportunity to utilize things that you no longer need.
Are you interested in learning more about recycling and the local waste industry and having the opportunity to share that knowledge with others in our communities?  Then consider becoming a Master Recycler!  This comprehensive program involves classroom studies, field trips, community service hours and lots of FUN!
I am including contact and class registration information for your consideration.
Have a Happy New Year and celebrate a year in which we will Re-Think our product and packaging choices, consider our waste reduction, and be mindful of conserving our natural resources.
Master Recycler