November Horticulture Report by Gena and Mary Anne

The 2010 November Horticulture Report was conducted at Southern Oregon Nursery (SOS) and Ray’s Garden Center (RAYS) by Gena Goddard and Mary Anne Wallace. They report:

Shrubs good for fall color:

  • Stag horn sumac (SOS)
  • Common Snowball (Viburnum) (SOS)
  • Eastern Snowball (Viburnum) (RAYS) $24.99
  • Smoke tree, Royal Purple (SOS) $42.99
  • Nandina (many varieties/sizes)
  • Filamentosa (SOS)) $18.99
  • Dwarf, fire power (SOS) $7.99 (leaves turn very red)
  • Gulf Stream (tall) (RAYS) $39.99
  • “Royal Princess” (RAYS) $24.99
  • Dwarf, Siena Sunrise (RAYS) $24.99
  • Barberry (many varieties/sizes)
  • Crimson pygmy (RAYS) $19.99
  • Lime glow (RAYS) $29.99
  • Royal cloak (RAYS) $24.99
  • Helmond pillar (RAYS) $39.99
  • Yellow leaf (RAYS) $8.99/gal
  • Mahonia-orange flame (RAYS)
  • Arthur menzies (SOS) $13.99 larger, softer more spread out leaf
  • Sweet spire, Itea Little Henry’s Garnet (RAYS) $24.00 shrub good for pots as it stays small (18-24”) full sun

Shrubs good for winter interest, either as accents or evergreens:

  • Boxwood (SOS) from $7.99 can be pruned to topiary shapes
  • Windmill Palm (0-10 hardy) needs sandy soil, well drained, tone Palm fertilizer in spring (SOS) $32.99
  • Holly – Berry Magic (SOS) grows to 10’, does not need mate plant to produce berries. Plants have berries placed along stem.
  • Red twig dogwood (red and yellow stem) (SOS) (RAYS) $18.99
  • Contorted Filbert , wonderful twisted branches $87.99
  • Viburnum davidii, dark green leaves all winter (SOS)
  • Azealas and Rhododendrons
  • Furnlvalls daughter (SOS) $9.99
  • Barberry William Penn (very thorny)
  • False holly, Osmanthus goshiki
  • Wintergreen, ground cover 6” tall (RAYS) $9.99/gal $3.99/4”

Garden tips

  • Do not mulch your peonies, but cut and remove all old leaves and stems
  • Cut back butterfly bush to about 18”
  • Cut back roses now to waist, the later in winter to knee
  • Do not cut back lilac, wait until it blooms next spring
  • Fertilize in-ground bulbs
  • Fall Bloomers
  • Toad Lily (trycyrtis hirta)
  • Japanese anemone
  • Dahlias-tuberose

Wait until either after the first frost OR the middle of November to cut back dahlias.
The greenery needs to feed the tubers, which must harden off after the stems die back.
DO mulch heavily over dahlias after that: Gena mulches, places black plastic over that, more mulch over the top AND a 5 gallon bucket on top!

DO NOT MULCH over peonies after you cut back the frosted stems! They need to sit high and dry and need to freeze to produce!