2017 Winter Dreams, Summer Gardens

Jackson County Master Gardener™ Association presents
Winter Dreams/Summer Gardens
A 1-day gardening symposium!

This is Jackson County Master Gardener™ Association’s 20th year of offering classes on all aspects of gardening, for beginners, all the way through professionals in the landscape field.

This event includes over 30 different classes on subjects ranging from the wonders of soil, to gardening in raised beds, to propagation from cuttings, and many more. To see the entire 2017 Program Schedule, visit the Jackson County Master Gardener™ Association site at:


You must register to attend. The cost is $45 for a full day of classes.

Date:  Saturday November 4th, 2017
Time: 9am – 4:30
Location: Higher Education Center a SOU/RCC Facility
101 S Bartlett St. Medford, OR 97502


Hugelkultur: the ultimate raised garden beds!

A permaculture practice called Hugelkultur, ( which is German for “mound culture,”) is a “no dig” raised garden bed method that is said to hold moisture, build fertility, and maximizes surface volume.  Hugelkultur is a good idea and can preform as boasted, but be smart about what you bury.  Do not bury plants that are invasive, unwanted, or toxic. Some  plants sprout quickly, then take over like branches from willows, privets, cottonwood, and bamboo. Others can be toxic, like Black Walnut which has juglone, a growth inhibitor that many plants can’t not tolerate.  There are many aggressive and toxic plants to be aware of,  so make sure you research the biomass you’re using before burying it.  And remember, leave diseased logs and branches out of your beds!


Horticulture Report: Lisianthus

Plant Name:  Eustoma grandiflorum20170901_094705
Common Name:  Lisianthus , Prairie gentian, Prairie rose
Plant type: Annual
Height: 24 – 30-inches
Bloom Time:  June – September
Flower Color:  Rose, lilac, blue, pink, cream, white, and light yellow
Exposure: Bright indirect light
Soil Requirements: Rich well draining peat based soil.
Water Needs: Slightly moist – let plant dry out some between watering.
Attributes:  Striking rose-like flowers, last up to 2 weeks in a vase with water.
Note:  Difficult to grow from seed, it’s best to buy starts! Avoid root bound plants. Dead head for conditioned blooming into fall, Feed with weak liquid fertilizer.
Uses: Cut flowers, Floral arrangements
Native to: Southern States USA
USDA Hardiness Zone: 8-10

Spreading Smiles in Ashland!

At September’s Garden Club meeting,  members participated in the Club’s 2nd annual Lonely Bouquet Day.  On this day member’s create flower bouquets, then set these bouquets randomly throughout Ashland to be found by strangers and taken home.  The hope is this small act of kindness will add a little happiness to someone’s day.

Jackson County Master Gardener: A Garden Tour in Seven Acts

Saturday September 16th

Time: 10-11-30am

Location: Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center

569 Hanley Road – Central Point, OR

Roses, lilies, violets, grapevines and orchard trees – If you enjoy stories about the plants featured in Shakespeare’s plays, plus tips on how to care for similar plants in your garden and landscape, then sign up to attend the “Flowers and Plants of Shakespeare: A Garden Tour in Seven Acts.

Cost of the tour:

               $10 if preregistered at least 24 hours in advance,

              or, $15 the day of the tour

Preregister and pay by calling 541-776-7371 or online at http://bit.ly/JacksonMG2017.